The Path of The Fallen

Pre-game Setup

Welcome to the Kingdom of Bellmorrow*, a shining beacon on the continent of Namorel. While it is a quiet kingdom now, it has not always been this way. After the last two great wars nearly decimated the countryside nearly a century ago, peace has been hard-earned and the people are actively fighting to maintain it. Diplomats go above and beyond to maintain peace between nations, and armies, while still maintained, are widely considered relics of the past. The capitol city of Marren’s End, once known for the bloody battle that saw the end of the first great war, is now a bright and bustling trade city. The great city of Dessaer stands proud in the north, towns and villages are thriving, and the country is on the rise once more.

Lately though there have been rumblings. Rumors of unrest, whispers of goings on in the shadows of great cities, and pirates on the rise in the seas to the east.


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